Parish Council meetings - Dates, Agendas & Minutes

The Council holds its meetings on the second Wednesday of alternate months starting in January. They are held at: 7.30pm in the Parish Hall, Payhembury Honiton EX14 3HX and members of the public are invited to “have their say” in the first 15 minutes of the meeting. The Annual Parish Meeting, which presents an overview of the year’s activities, including short reports from all parish groups and clubs, is held in March and takes various formats. Details will be published in February each year.


All minutes are in draft format until agreed at the next council meeting.


 9th January 2019                Agenda           Minutes

13th March 2019                  Agenda           Minutes

8th May 2019 (AGM)            Agenda           Minutes

10th July 2019                      Agenda           Minutes

11th September 2019           Agenda           Minutes

12th November 2019           Agenda            Minutes


11th January 2017               Agenda           Minutes

8th March 2017                   Agenda            Minutes

10th May 2017 (AGM)         Agenda           Minutes

31st May 2017 (Ext. mtg)    Agenda           Minutes

12th July 2017                     Agenda           Minutes

13th September 2017          Agenda           Minutes

8th November 2017             Agenda           Minutes


14th January 2015               Agenda           Minutes

11th March 2015                  Agenda           Minutes

13th May 2015 (AGM)         Agenda           Minutes

8th July 2015                       Agenda           Minutes

9th September 2015            Agenda           Minutes

11th November 2015           Agenda           Minutes


10th January 2018                 Agenda           Minutes

14th March 2018                    Agenda           Minutes

9th May 2018 (AGM)              Agenda           Minutes

11th July 2018                        Agenda           Minutes

12th September 2018            Agenda            Minutes

14th November 2018             Agenda            Minutes


13th January 2016                 Agenda             Minutes

9th March 2016                      Agenda             Minutes

11th May 2016 (AGM)            Agenda             Minutes

13th July 2016                        Agenda             Minutes

14th September 2016             Agenda             Minutes

9th November 2016                Agenda             Minutes