To find out about planning (including planning applications, whether you require planning permission, planning policy and Local land charges) and to look at current and past planning applications please see East Devon District Councils planning pages . If you have applied for planning permission or are considering it, you might like to speak to the parish council as well as we are Statutory Consultees and will be asked to comment on your application.

The role of the Parish Council - Parish Councils are Consultees to the Local Planning Authority and as such do not make decisions on planning applications. They are asked to state their willingness to support, or not, planning applications based on local knowledge and current planning policies in order that these views can be taken into account by East Devon District Council as the planning authority'. The Parish Council can only take certain aspects of a planning application into account when considering their response:

Can take into account - principle, layout and density, design, visual impact, privacy/overbearing, loss of light, noise/smell, infrastructure, highway safety (eg visibility, access), economic impact, previous decisions/appeals, ecology & biodiversity, crime, flooding, policy & guidance - national policy framework, Neighbourhood Plan

Cannot take into account - the applicant, land ownership, private rights (eg access), covenants, property value, competition, loss of view, 'better' site or 'better' view, 'not as good as previous scheme', impact of building phase

Coronavirus (COVID-1) epidemic update (19th March 2020):

Until the Government choose to make legislative changes to the planning process, EDDC must continue to process planning applications as normal. However, town and parish councils are prevented from meeting to discuss these planning applications due to the Government's instructions regarding social distancing. This is going to make it very difficult for town and parish councils to seek the views of their constituents and therefore make it difficult for them to comment on any planning applications in a  democratic way. To try to gather as many views and comments as possible, Payhembury Parish Council will try to inform as many parishioners as possible of all new planning applications received, via this website and via the Payhembury Parish Council Facebook page. Please can you help the Parish Council by passing on details about any planning applications to those who don't use Facebook or the website.

Parishioners are encouraged to provide their views and thoughts about planning applications during this time via email ( or to one of the Councillors. Comments will be collated and published (anonamously) against the relevant planning application entry on the website (see link below to the table of planning applications). All comments will be reviewed by the Councillors and their views will also be published on the website.

Any parishioner who wishes to submit their own personal view about a planning application can do so - please follow the links above to the EDDC planning portal and then follow instructions there to submit a comment.

Link to table of recent Planning Applications