Roads and Highways

The roads and highways of the parish are maintained by Devon County Council (DCC). If you find any problems with signs, lighting, potholes or other road issues please use the DCC website to report the problem - the relevant links are on the 'Report it!' page.

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Road Closures
Date of closure Date of update Description
May/June 2020 21st January 2020

Road through Colestocks from Payhembury to Feniton. Provisionally a 6 week period of work, stretching from the end of the Payhembury-Colestocks footpath, through the centre of Colestocks and down to Shoot's Barn. Details about which parts of the road will be closed, and exactly when, are not yet available, but will be updated here when known. The Parish Council are liaising with Western Power Distribution to try to minimise disruption, however this is a key route from the village so an amount of disruption should be expected. Further information, when known, will also be published in the Parish Paper.

28th January 2020
  • Western Power Distribution (WPD) have applied to Devon County Council (Highways) (DCC) for permission to close the road. Once DCC have confirmed the dates WPD will arrange a meeting with all interested parties to explain the work involved and to answer any questions.
19th February 2020
  • Western Power Distribution are trying to find the best solution to have the road closed for the minimum amount of time. This investigation has resulted in the dates slipping a little from the original April/May proposed dates and updated dates will be provided when they are known.