Reporting problems

Below are a number of links to help you report problems or issues. Please let us know if there are any other links you feel would be useful to include or any links which no longer work (

East Devon County Council

East Devon District Council are responsible for a variety of services and have dedicated websites providing further information about the services provided as well as links for reporting problems or issues with those services, including Environmental Maintenance, Environmental Health and Wellbeing and Recycling and Rubbish. Below are some issues that may need reporting, others can be found via the links above.



Land, air and water pollution

Light pollution

Domestic rubbish or recycling not collected


Dog Bins

Devon County Council

Roads, Transport and Highways - Devon County Council have a dedicated website for reporting a variety of problems including:



Overgrown vegetation - restricting access or obscuring signs

Faulty street lighting

Defective road markings or signs

Empty or damaged grit bins

Debris or obstruction on the road

Public rights of way - restricted access or damaged bridges, stiles, etc

Hazardous or fallen trees