Definitive Map Review

At their meeting on 5th March 2020 Devon County Council's Public Rights of Way Committee approved the following footpaths on Hembury Fort as permanent Public Rights of Way -

  • the footpaths from the Witness Moor car park on Hembury Fort around the northern end of the Fort and joining up to the existing Public Rights of Way (diagram showing these footpaths).


Since 1989 Devon County Council (DCC) has undertaken a parish-by-parish definitive map review to ensure that existing public rights of way in each parish are correctly recorded in terms of status and location. As of August 2016, 331 parishes (78%) had been reviewed, whilst 23 (5%) were in the process of being reviewed. The review of public rights of way in Payhembury has now started with a presentation by Tom Green of DCC on the processes involved, on 13th March 2019. The 3 month period in which any evidence and other information about public rights of way in the parish could be submitted, via User Evidence forms and Landowner Evidence forms, closed on 13th June 2019. The Definitive Map Review section of the DCC website - - has links to the User Evidence form, the Landowner Evidence form and a 1 page flowchart showing the Definitive Map Process.


13th March 2019 - presentation on the processes involved with the Definitive Map Review

13th June 2019 - closure date for the receipt of evidence forms

21st August 2019 - publication of the start of the consultation period for a claimed footpath on Hembury Fort

22nd November 2019 - closure date for receipt of comments and evidence for the claimed footpath

Links to the documents connected with the claimed footpath consultation can be found on the left of this page and the documents will be also be available on the Parish Council Noticeboard. Links to the documents from the initial consultation period, together with the slides from the presentation on 13th March, a 43 page description of the Definitive Map Review process and a map of the recorded footpaths in Payhembury Parish as of 13th March 2019 can also be found on the left hand side of this page. Large scale maps, and copies of the presentation 13th March and copies of the DCC Community Paths guide to improving public rights of way in your community are available by contacting

Comments and evidence should be returned to Tom Green at - Devon County Council Public Rights of Way Section, County Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter, Devon. EX2 4QD or via email to